Fasting is setting ourselves apart to center our lives on God. It’s not just eating differently and expecting some supernatural results. But rather, fasting helps us focus more on God and His word. We will become aware of the supernatural power of God that is already at work all around us.

As you fast, seek the Lord’s wisdom and direction. Life is full of noise that makes it difficult to clearly discern God’s will. As the requirements of fasting consume your thoughts and interrupt your activity throughout the day – instead of distraction, use these thoughts as a reminder to pray and be sensitive to the Spirit.

Throughout the Bible, believers took up a fast for three reasons:

1. To become more aware of God’s presence
2. To confirm God’s will and anointing
3. To hear a Word from the Lord in a time of need

We want to create an environment where we truly see the hand of God move through our campuses. We desire a place where the Holy Spirit moves freely and we see lives changed, hearts healed, and see the promises of God fulfilled. We stand on the promises of the word that not even the gates of hell will prevail against the church.