Scholarship Application

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New Life Covenant Church is advancing its 20/20 vision of S.P.E.A.K., as it enters into it’s ACADEMIC portion of the vision. During this time, the church is putting together resources to support its members in their pursuit of higher education! $1,000 scholarships will be available for those who apply during the allotted time and who meet the eligibility criteria listed below. Please be sure to follow each step carefully, and complete all expected tasks as you prepare to submit your application.


DEADLINE: Friday, July 7th, 5pm CST

AWARD ANNOUNCEMENT: We will announce scholarship award winners by Friday, August 4th.


*Must be a member of New Life Covenant Church 
*Must prove full time status (12 credit hours or more) enrollment  into an accredited college or university by Fall 2017 semester
*Must have two references, one who can speak to your academic strengths, and one who can speak to your personal character

APPLICATION STEPS [STEP 1] Must submit a 500 word essay, using 12 point font, Times New Roman font style and 1” margins. All essays must be emailed to by the application deadline listed above. There are two guiding questions that must be addressed in this essay: Why is education important to you? and How will the $1,000 help you in your pursuit of higher education?
[STEP 2] Must complete the online application by following this link: